If you ever find yourself arrested, a bail bondsmen may be the only way you stay out of jail for weeks or months until your criminal case is resolved. It doesn’t matter if the arrest is a misunderstanding or if you have made a serious mistake and need help. What matters at that moment is getting out of jail to defend against the criminal charge.

Many people who are not able to come up with bail money on their own can seek the services of Kenny’s Bail Bonds. The bail bond fee is 10 percent of the total bail amount, although the fee can vary depending on the circumstances. Kenny’s Bail Bonds will help you understand your rights and can assist you with the bail process.

Kenny’s Bail Bonds offers both SURETY AND CASH ONLY BONDS to clients. Their coverage area includes the entire state of Iowa with availability 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

  • SURETY BAIL BOND is one of the most common routes defendants use to make bail. The "surety" is another party that acts on behalf of the defendant as a guarantee to ensure that the defendant appears in court for the hearing - in most cases the "surety" is a bail bond company.
  • CASH BAIL BONDS are ordered by a court to try to guarantee the appearance by a defendant. A court typically asks for a cash bail bond when there is the possibility of flight, fines were left unpaid from previous cases, a defendant has a history of not appearing when scheduled, or when an arrest is made on someone from another jurisdiction.