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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is your coverage area?
A: All counties in Iowa. (include state map with county seats listed here)

Q: What is a surety bail bond?
A: A surety bail bond is one of the most common routes defendants use to make bail. The “surety” is another party that acts on behalf of the defendant as a guarantee to ensure that the defendant appears in court for their hearing – in most cases the “surety” is a bail bond company.

Q: What is a cash bond?
A: Cash bail bonds are ordered by a court to try to guarantee the appearance of a defendant. A court typically asks for a cash bail bond when there is the possibility of flight, fines were left unpaid from previous cases, a defendant has a history of not appearing when scheduled, or when an arrest is made on someone from another jurisdiction.

Q: How is the amount of bail determined?
A: In some cases, the judge decides how much bail the accused must pay. However, with common crimes, many courts use a bail schedule. The Eighth Amendment forbids the court from accessing “excessive bail.” To learn more about your rights and the bail process contact a bail bondsman.

Q: What do bail bondsman charge?
A: The normal fee is 10 percent of the bail amount that was set by the judge. So, if your bail was set at $5,000 for example, for example, you or someone on your behalf will have to pay $500 to the bail bondsman who will then guarantee the entire bail amount with the court. Virtually all bail bondsmen will then require some type of collateral in the event that you do not show up appearances. That would require the bail bondsman to pay the entire bail amount to the court.

Q: How soon can I get out?
A: You will be released from jail as soon as your bond is paid.